As the weather gets warmer, you may find yourself willing to stay out of the house a bit longer. You dreamed of long car rides with friends and family to get your fill of sunshine. Yet, after the rough conditions of the winter season, your vehicle could need a bit of TLC to operate well in the spring. With our online service scheduler, getting this maintenance is easier than ever! Here are the major items that should be inspected, repaired, or changed on your vehicle.


As you drive around town, there shouldn’t be loud grinding or squealing noises coming from your brakes. Also, you should be able to slow down when you need to and even make abrupt stops if something crosses your path. If you notice your vehicle struggling in this way, our experienced technicians can check your braking system right away.

Tire Inspection

While getting through your week, you may not glance at your tires to see how they are progressing. But, you wouldn’t want them to go flat at the wrong time or in the wrong location. Instead, you want to have them rotated and inflated as well as getting the treads checked. Once you visit our service department, we will determine if there is any damage that requires a tire replacement.

Air Conditioning

With the cool temperatures of spring, you can ride with the windows down to enjoy the change of weather. It wouldn’t be until much later in the summer that you will need to turn on the air conditioning. Unfortunately, during that heat and humidity would be the worst time to realize that cool air is not coming from the unit. Instead, let our technicians review the AC system before this can happen.

Oil change

During freezing temperatures, you most likely did not check anything under the hood of your car. But, now that you will drive it more often, you should check the oil levels to have them replenished. If you are seeing black, gritty oil, you may need a complete oil change. To be sure, let our service team check for you and prevent any possible damage to your engine.

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